Friday, 15 January 2016

Just a little time.

I’m back. Did you notice I was gone? Is anyone even out there?

I decided to take the month of December off from blogging. As you may have gathered from the last few posts, I was starting to dwell inside my head and a lot of issues which had been simmering simmering simmering began to boil over. I know it probably seems counter productive as this is supposed to be a blog where I can be candid about my experiences with cancer, but I didn’t feel like I was in a place to offer any advice or be of benefit to anyone. Right when my own issues were coming to a head I was knocked sideways with an avalanche of shit news relating to loved ones and “cancer” friends I have met along the way. There was crying and there were cuddles and I decided that I didn’t want to blog about it. 

I was (and remain) cancer free - but it was all around me. I needed to step away for a while.

I will write about it more when the times feel right, but for now I am working on a few posts about my stem cell transplant, replying to emails, and planning our wedding with a vengeance. 

2016 doesn’t feel like a new beginning or a fresh start. But I resolve to do at least three productive things every day. So far I have managed it four times. Today I have hit the magic three including the five minutes it has taken to write this short and simple post. The other two were getting out of bed and toasting a bagel. It’s impressive, I know.

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