Tuesday, 16 February 2016

A disclaimer.

I wanted to make a quick disclaimer about the content on this site. 

Everything written on this blog is either my own opinion, 

or, conclusions and recommendations based on the best available scientific research (to the best of my knowledge) or the trusted expert opinion of health care professionals.

I feel it is necessary to write this because recently I have come across a number of instances in which people who have a widespread influence, particularly through social media, who have no discernible scientific backgrounds, espouse the pseudo-scientific benefits of eating this or not eating that, without citing any scientific research or resources.

I approach most things with a healthy amount of scepticism and I believe strongly that you should always question everything that is likely to influence you, whether positively or negatively. I wrongly assumed that everyone would weigh up everything they are told with the same rational thinking and reasonable doubt, and yet comments on instagram posts, facebook statuses and youtube videos tell a wildly different story. Many people blindly believe what they are told by someone who posses no specialist knowledge on the subject, and are insanely defensive of their favourite instagrammer or youtuber if anyone questions it. Indeed, two of my most hated sayings are “apparently…” and worse, “they say…”. They are covers for lazy ignorance… who are they? why should we trust what “they say”? 

I believe it is the responsibility of anyone with a certain amount of putative authority or influence to be honest and informed, and to provide evidence of any recommendations which may influence the health and wellbeing of their audience. 

Therefore from now on, as the reach of this little blog grows, I will endeavour to provide more links to scientific, evidence based research and expert resources. In the meantime, check out the link bar at the top for information from charity and reputable organisations (with the exception of Wikipedia, but I find it useful if you look at the references for original sources), and perhaps more importantly, question everything you read, do your own research, and don’t believe what “they say”.

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